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WARNING!. Here is a warning to all ESL, TEFL, teachers  working here in Japan. Avoid working for Mrs. Junko Mino of First Step School. She is a bad employer. She misrepresents herself . She will promise a large salary and then pay you next to nothing. She does not have a school. She works a class out of her house in her front room in the ugly industrial small town of Komatsushima not Tokushima. She will primise all sorts of things but never follows though on her promises. She will ask you to wear a goofy uniform and  use you like a hand puppet.  When teaching  she will sit next to you and  direct your every movement, and will not allow you to use your own words to teach. She would even insult you as you work the class. She wants you to obey her at all time. Her temper is short , she has no tolerance. She fired me because I lost a Canadian flag pin that she insisted I wear!. She even tried to disrupt my visa renewal! I have a whole lot more information on this employer. But what it boils down to is that this lady is totally unstable mentally and should be avoided. She will come off as very nice but then when you start working for her, watch out! There are better places to work in the Tokushima area then her school, believe me. Don't work for First Step School. You will regret it big time!